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The United States Senate and House of Representatives passed an Act designating December 5, 1986 as “Walt Disney Recognition Day”. This recognition, which introduced to the pantheon of the Great Americans a man whom the whole world identifies with the childish universe of Mickey, may seem paradoxical. Yet, twenty years after her death, she points to the place occupied in the American vision of the world by the man who raised the cartoon to the rank of major Hollywood productions and created a true mythology and an industrial and commercial empire far beyond the borders of America and the cinema.

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Learning from a creator
Walter Elias Disney (born December 5, 1901) is the fourth and penultimate son of Irish Canadian Elias Disney and Ohio native Flora Call. The child was five years old when his father took his family to live on a Missouri Farm. Of the four years spent in this universe, Disney will retain a lasting nostalgia : this will be one of his main sources of inspiration.

Kansas City to Los Angeles
In 1910, the family moved again to Kansas City, where Walt attended the Institute of Art from 1915. In 1918, hired as an ambulance driver in the Red Cross, he landed in France, from where he addressed, unsuccessfully, some humorous drawings to American newspapers. Returning to Kansas City in 1919 and hired, thanks to his brother Roy, in an advertising agency, he meets another young talented cartoonist, Ub Iwerks, who from then on will be his closest collaborator ; having created his own studio in 1930, Iwerks will definitely come back to Disney in 1940. In 1923, Roy, who was first a bank employee, became the wise partner of all his brother’s businesses ; he succeeded him as head of the firm in 1966, his son ensuring the continuity of the dynasty after his death in 1975 hack tool, forum, begginer guide, Era of Legends how to play game, Era of Legendswin and hack for free, account login, bot, Era of Legends latest version, Era of Legends tips and tricks.

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In 1920, Walt was hired with Iwerks at Kansas City Film, a producer of advertising cartoons. Two years later, the enterprising young man founded his own company, Laugh-o-Grams Films, with the collaboration of Iwerks, mod apk, to which were added The Brothers Harman and Rudolf Ising. The team then made cartoons inspired by fairy tales, download: Cinderella, The Chat botté, the Bremen musicians. Then began a new series, Alice in Cartoonland, where a little girl, filmed in live-action, evolves in the middle of characters and sets of cartoons 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, pc, ios and android, Era of Legends glitch update iphone, apk mods for android, ios and pc.


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But, in 1923, the failure of his business led Walt to join Roy in Los Angeles ; with his brother, thanks to funding from an uncle, he opened a modest studio, without human verification. Soon joined by his former team, strengthened by Friz Freleng and the Clark brothers, generator, he relaunched the Alice series for a New York distribution company. In 1923, he applied his famous ” O ” graphics to the creation of Oswald the rabbit, hero of a new series, which immediately became a great success. But a conflict with his distributor cost him Oswald’s direction and his team of animators Jailbreak, generator without human verification or surveys, Era of Legends website.

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Starting again from scratch, Walt created in 1928, with Iwerks, who remained faithful, a new character named Mortimer,who became famous the following year under the name of Mickey. The first two tapes will be released only after the third, in sonorized versions, free codes downoad. In the First, Plane Crazy, cheats, the mouse, enthusiastic about the exploit of Lindbergh, who has just crossed the Atlantic in a plane, embarks in a crazy equipped aerial his fiancée Minnie and the animals of the farm. The second, Gallopin’gaucho, pastiche with funny the performances of the famous Douglas Fairbanks, free codes downoad. But it is with the third, Steamboat Willie,that Disney succeeds in his masterstroke download cheat codes for android, ios and pc, tutorial and courses, gift code redeem, unlock codes.

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Talking cartoons
By 1927, sound cinema had conquered American theatres with the famous jazz singer of Alan Crosland. Disney, having understood the irreversibility of the phenomenon, develops a synchronization system and imagines a scenario in which gags and sound or musical effects (like the one where Mickey plays the xylophone on the teeth of a cow) play a major role, unlimited points. Steamboat Willie, a true parody and musical of the Showboat, then very popular on Broadway, premiered in New York on November 18, 1928 and was a triumph unlimited free diamonds and money, coins and gems glitch,  free cheats.


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