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Vikings: War of Clans is a fast moving game in which you are assigned the task of building a powerful army and the other-incredible 199, while managing your city and resources . It has the usual bits that are seen in other mobile games of the same genre such as long wait times, complete missions, ally with other incredible, and of course, be tempted with the first coin to accelerate things. If you are new to this game in 2017 or a veteran who is looking for a couple of tips on the game, then read on.

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Vikings: War of Clans tricks and hack in Spanish for freeVikings: War of Clans Resources buildings Tips, vikings-war-of-clans-tips-and-tricks-resources resource building-the meeting of structures in your city is one of the ways in the accumulation of resources in Vikings: war of clans. There are 25 tiles reserved for these structures on the east side of your city. One good thing about this game is that you can easily build and demolish these resource collectors (and the other buildings too) so that your people can easily adapt to any economic situation.

Have a crisis in a resource such as iron or stone? Why not dedicate the 22 Tiles for mines or stone quarries? The remaining 3 tokens are where the farm and other collectors will be placed. This will ensure a huge flow of a certain resource, but at the cost of slowing down the income of the other Vikings: war of clans. This type of configuration also works when you are in a clan that practices the exchange of resources. Each of the clan members will dedicate their cities to produce a certain resource and divide it with the others that gather the remaining resources.

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Download Vikings: War of Clans apk modOr if you want to be on the safe side you can only build an equal number of resource buildings. Doing this you land with 6 of each building with an extra tile to the left that is better reserved for another farm. Alternatively, you can build more farms and leave the numbers balanced on the remaining three resources (10 farms, 5 wood mills, stone quarries, and mines). This configuration will give you the proper food production without sacrificing the other resources, taking into vikings: war of clans tells how important the food becomes in the later stages of the game.

Keep in mind that you must first plan on which resource building to place on a tile. Demolition and reconstruction takes time and costs resources that could be wasted if careful planning is not done. Also do not forget to take full advantage of the free instant completion of the constructions when the construction time becomes less than five minutes.


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Vikings: War of Clans Tips for Military Buildings in 2018
the vikings-war-of-clans-spikes-and-tricks-military the left side of your city are the tiles for buildings that deal with military aspects. The only ones that can be built multiple times are the barracks, the mansion and the infirmary.
The construction of many barracks does not really provide any useful benefit. It only increases the maximum number of troops that can be trained per batch. It is better with only two or three barracks that are completely updated.

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The mansion not only provides you with silver (used in Oracle’s knowledge research) it also grants a 1% increase to the speed of your troop training time. A fully improved mansion provides an increase of 25% and is stacked between several mansions. There is no reason not to build many farms because the benefits it gives are certainly useful in all parts of the game. The infirmaries ensure that their fallen troops can be revived. The usual quick is to have an equal number of beds with the number of troops Vikings has: war of clans. You might think that you can simply re-train the troops you lost, but reviving them is, of course, more strategy. If you are a player who always uses a treaty of peace, vikings: war of clans unlimited money, infinite gems then you do not need many infirmaries and vice versa. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for the resources to bring back the defense troops. If they are the troops that you lost outside of your city then you will have to take out the Gold.

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Vikings: War of Clans You will need a powerful army to dominate the opposition and defend your city. Troop counts in vikings: war of clans can reach up to six digits, so it is imperative that you have enough resources to train large hordes and make sure you can start them as strategically as possible.

Apart from building multiple mansions there are other ways to accelerate training times like winning, gambling . The training speed hero skills I and II provide an additional 120% when it is fully improved. The oracle has three speed training improvements as well.

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